Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль
Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль
Administration bldg., MULS
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Division of Academic Policy Coordination provides and organizes academic policy, plan, and implementation of undergraduate program in the administrative level. Division consists of Department of undergraduate education, Basic education center and Central library of agriculture.
Undergraduate education policy coordination and information technology:
  • Academic policy, planning, and implementation;
  • Coordination of teaching staff, students and alumni;
  • Create combination of training and research, and legal environment;
  • Provide the professional program and standard;
  • Accredit the program with authorized accreditation organizations;
  • Provide the educational technology;
  • Process and analyze the statistical information;
  • Create software in order to make the administration activity prompt and run systemically analysis based on information necessity;  
  • Provide the information technology and upgrade the website;
  • Introduce the new versions of technology and techniques etc.
Undergraduate general education and development of student and teaching staff:
  • Basic trainings for students and teaching staff;
  • Multi-oriented activities for freshman students;
  • Develop teaching staff and students;
  • Content of the basic subjects;
  • Satisfaction surveys among students and report;
  • Activities on research, training, and profession for teaching staff;
  • Methodological and foreign language trainings for teaching staff;
  • Foreign language course for the International dual degree program;
  • Sport activities among teaching staff and students etc.
Professional assistance to the agricultural library:
  • Prospective plans of library;
  • Fund of books and academic materials;
  • Extend research articles and publications to the public;
  • Develop online services;
  • DDC library classification system;
  • Introduce abroad experiences etc.  
Although MULS does not offer artistic and cultural courses, considers highly revealing and developing students’ talent which has been put into effect. Latin-American dance crew “Khatantuul” has won 1st place of National Dance Championship 13 times and 7th and 8th place of World Dance Championship. MULS has traditional folk music crew called “Khatan Ekh” as well. This theatre is named “Khatantuul” as dedicated to their contribution to MULS.