Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль
Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургууль
Being as the sole university, Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS) distinctively focuses on education, research, and innovation in the field of life sciences that constitute the core of economy of Mongolia, which offers a wide range of academic programs that nurture the future professionals and leaders for Mongolian society.
MULS is an academic institution focused on developing an atmosphere that grants our students and researchers the freedom to completely devote themselves to their studies.
Our mission is to become a leading research-oriented university, where professors strive for excellence in education and research, while students do for excellence in their studies as we believe the key to uncovering new knowledge is interdisciplinary studies, research, innovation and extension. We believe that the role we play in realizing an environmentally-sustainable society is important, and it is our duty as a leading research-oriented academic institution to vigorously engage in our philosophy of Mission-Oriented Research and Education Toward Sustainable Development with aims that every student should be as an observer, every professor should be as a knowledge manager, who delivers scientific conception to students by simple approach, and every researcher should be an owner of the high-tech based on R&D.
We have achieved significant progress in internationalization and have strengthened our establishments with foreign universities that are enhancing our academic and cultural exchanges.
In today’s society, only a true intellectual with practical expert knowledge and strong problem-solving capabilities can ensure one’s future success. For this, MULS is adopting a variety of educational strategies to ensure that our students gain a high level of specialized knowledge, thus allowing them to become fresh and dynamic citizens who will make important contributions to Mongolia.
Welcome to MULS.
Tumurbaatar KHERUUGA